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An image of a young woman. Unidentified. Taken by the Pike Studio (Frank W. Pike) of Albion, Mich.

A family portrait cabinet card photograph of the Goucher family of Marshall, Mich. Taken by the John Edward Mast, also of Marshall.

Family information provided by Kate Keller:

"Franklin W. “Frank” Goucher, son of Orman and Melissa E. (Beach)…

Stout photos 8.tif
A photograph of several dozen individuals (possibly staff) in front of the Brooks Rupture Appliance Co. building at 312 E. Michigan Ave. Photo is labeled "Brooks Rupture Appliance Co., Marshall Michigan" on the front and "Aug. 7th 1922" on the back.

Stout photos 00021.tif
A photograph of a basketball team: coach and seven young men, one holding a basketball with the "12-13" written on it. Presumably the 1912-13 Marshall High School basketball team, but that is unconfirmed.

The back of the photograph says:
given me…

Stout photos 00020.tif
A photograph of a football team: 18 young men, one holding a football with the numbers "14" written on it. Presumably the 1914 Marshall High School football team, but that is unconfirmed.

The back of the photograph lists some of the players…

Stout photos 3.tif
A photograph of people marching on State St. (now called Michigan Ave.) on November 11, 1918 in celebration of the end of World War I. The image focuses on a group of women led by the banner "Gauss Office," with some carrying signs in support of…

Stout photos 00019.tif
A photograph of three men in two early motorized fire engines. Location unknown.

The back of the photograph has the inscription:
APR 23 1925

Stout photos 00011.tif
An early 20th-century photograph of the Grace Bro's storefront at 147 W. Michigan Ave, Marshall, Mich.

Part of a collection donated to Marshall District Library by Dr. Diana Stout. Previously in the collection of Paul and Celia (Lake) Grace.

Stout photos 00022.tif
A photograph of a dozen men around a table, with glasses raised. The men's clothing and hairstyles appear to be from the 1920s or early 1930s. This is likely during Prohibition, or perhaps celebrating the end of Prohibition.

An image of two young boys in a large toy airplane. They are identified on the back as "Tyler & Ferris Merriam. sons of Uncle Lu (John" Photographer is unknown.

Family information provided by Kate Keller:

"Tyler Edward and Ferris Nelson "Jeff"…


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