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1858 Map of Calhoun County.pdf
This is a reprint of the 1858 map of Calhoun County originally published by Geil, Harley & Siverd. The original is a scroll-type map, measuring 4'8" by 4'10" and the information used was gathered in late 1857. For the reprint, the map was carefully…

A cabinet card image of an unidentified man and woman standing beside a chair. Taken by Arthur William Brown of Marshall, Mich. Card label states that the photographer's studio was located in the Raymond Block of downtown Marshall.

A cabinet card image of a young man with glasses. Unidentified. Taken by the Harrison L. Burgess of Albion, Mich.

A cabinet card image of a young woman. Unidentified. Taken by the J. R. Halsted (John R. Halstead) of Albion and Leslie, Mich.

An image of an unidentified woman and child. Taken by Joseph L. Hamilton of Marshall, Mich.

A cabinet card portrait of Norton Wilcox Hoag, age 3. Taken by Philip C. Hartung of Albion, Mich.

Family information provided by Kate Keller:

"Norton Wilcox Hoag, son of Lester P. and Myrtle (Bixby) Hoag, was born 6 Aug 1903 in Springport,…

1908 city directory.pdf
The 1908 directory for the city of Marshall, "comprising an alphabetical list of the names of all residents over fourteen years of age, stating occupation and designating owners and renters of property - a miscellaneous directory, full of valuable…

1860-61 city directory.pdf
The 1860-61 directory for the City of Marshall. Data compiled in 1860 by George W. Hawes of Detroit. Copy provided to Marshall District Library by Albion District Library.

Entire Diary_resized.pdf
A typed transcript of the letters and diary of Civil War Union soldier, Henry Hempstead. Transcribed by the author. Includes the constitution of "The Marshall Boys in Blue" and a list of members. Also includes a list of soldiers mustered into the…

1885-86 city directory.pdf
The 1885-86 directory for the City of Marshall. It includes: "an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits, and miscellaneous directory of city, city and county…
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