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Stout photos 00022.tif
A photograph of a dozen men around a table, with glasses raised. The men's clothing and hairstyles appear to be from the 1920s or early 1930s. This is likely during Prohibition, or perhaps celebrating the end of Prohibition.

Stout photos 00021.tif
A photograph of a basketball team: coach and seven young men, one holding a basketball with the "12-13" written on it. Presumably the 1912-13 Marshall High School basketball team, but that is unconfirmed.

The back of the photograph says:
given me…

Stout photos 00020.tif
A photograph of a football team: 18 young men, one holding a football with the numbers "14" written on it. Presumably the 1914 Marshall High School football team, but that is unconfirmed.

The back of the photograph lists some of the players…

Stout photos 00019.tif
A photograph of three men in two early motorized fire engines. Location unknown.

The back of the photograph has the inscription:
APR 23 1925

Stout photos 00018.tif
A postcard photograph of the Royal Hotel in Marshall, Michigan. Located at the northeast corner of Eagle and Green streets, the hotel operated from 1895-1923 and later became the Schuler Hotel (now Schuler's Restaurant and Pub).

The back of the…

Stout photos 00017.tif
An early 20th-century photograph of an unusual carriage being pulled by two horses through downtown Marshall. Taken in front of the F.S. Deuel Clothing Store and C. C. Smith's hardware store, at what are now 128 W. Michigan Ave. and 122-124 W.…

Stout photos 00016.tif
An early 20th-century photograph of a woman on horseback riding though downtown Marshall, at the northeast corner of State Street (now Marshall Avenue) and Eagle. The photo also shows the Greene Pharmacy, Hillabrant Grocery, Hayes Justice of the…

1858 Map of Calhoun County.pdf
This is a reprint of the 1858 map of Calhoun County originally published by Geil, Harley & Siverd. The original is a scroll-type map, measuring 4'8" by 4'10" and the information used was gathered in late 1857. For the reprint, the map was carefully…

1908 city directory.pdf
The 1908 directory for the city of Marshall, "comprising an alphabetical list of the names of all residents over fourteen years of age, stating occupation and designating owners and renters of property - a miscellaneous directory, full of valuable…

Stout photos 8.tif
A photograph of several dozen individuals (possibly staff) in front of the Brooks Rupture Appliance Co. building at 312 E. Michigan Ave. Photo is labeled "Brooks Rupture Appliance Co., Marshall Michigan" on the front and "Aug. 7th 1922" on the back.
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