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postcard front.pdf
A postcard photograph of the Marshall Public Library (now Marshall District Library) at 111 E. Mansion St. The building was designed by architect Frederick Spier and built in 1913. The library resided here until 1998, when it moved to its current…

Stuart's Landing side 1.mp3
Digitized copy of a cassette tape recording of the dedication ceremony for Stuart's Landing in Marshall, Michigan. The park is located on Homer Road, opposite Hudson Street and Oakridge Cemetery.

The dedication took place on August 25, 1991. The…

A cabinet card image of a young woman, identified as Minnie Bordine on the back of the photograph. Taken at Young & McKay Studio in Marshall, Mich. Young & McKay were photographers in Marshall from 1888 to 1934.

Family information provided by Kate…

An image of an unidentified young woman. Taken by Jerome J. Stephenson in Marshall, Mich.

An image of two unidentified young girls. Taken by Jerome J. Stephenson in Marshall, Mich.

1897-1898 county directory.pdf
The 1897-1898 county directories for Calhoun County, Michigan. "Comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens - a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits - a farmers' directory of Calhoun County…

1894-1895 city directory.pdf
The 1894-1895 city directories for Albion and Marshall, Michigan. Includes a map and history of each city, as well as illustrations and photographs of prominent buildings. Also includes a directory of the students of Albion College.

This item was…

1923-1924 cd.pdf
The 1923-1924 directory for Albion, Marshall, and surrounding areas. "Containing an alphabetically arranged list of adult citizens, business firms, etc., in the cities of Albion and Marshall separately classified, a miscellaneous directory of the…

1882-1883 directory.pdf
The 1883 city directory for Battle Creek, Marshall, and Albion, "including the villages of Athens, Augusta, Bedford, Bellevue, Burlington, Ceresco, Climax and Homer" and "containing an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private…

Stout photos 00018.tif
A postcard photograph of the Royal Hotel in Marshall, Michigan. Located at the northeast corner of Eagle and Green streets, the hotel operated from 1895-1923 and later became the Schuler Hotel (now Schuler's Restaurant and Pub).

The back of the…
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